What We've Done

Our Clients:

In the interest of protecting our clients privacy we've removed the attribution of these projects:

Client Request:

BlocksBuild a system to host landing pages and track statistics, and integrate with existing vendor to manage 800# call data and match to publishers.

The project later expanded to include a publisher and client login area's, commissions tracking, and much more. System currently manages 400+ client and 5000+ publisher accounts tracking over 10,000 phone numbers and websites.

Client Request:

CheckOur vendor is currently delivering data directly to our clients…we want a system of our own to help track the data that is flowing through.

DDS built out a customized tracking system, worked with the vendors and the clients to set up API's and delivery systems to allow data to pass through client system. Client now has control over 300,000 records a month they did not previously have. Project completion time: 4 days

Client Request:

TruckHelp! Our existing data management system is on the fritz, and we want to make some changes to the way it works.

DDS worked to stabilize their system and institute a back-up / recovery plan. We then assisted the client with setting up new data paths and optimization for their existing data flow – resulting in a 25% increase in net profits for the client.

Client Request:

CartWe need to set up an ecommerce store to sell leads and advertising to customers on a one-off basis. We need to fulfill, process, and manage the leads.

DDS built a system currently managing $1MM+ / month in retail sales and data delivery fulfillment.

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